Compostable Shipping Labels - Rolls

These rolls of compost-friendly labels are suitable for Direct Thermal label printers.

  • Suitable for Direct Thermal label printer
  • Check sizing to select the right label for you
  • Certified Commercially Compostable
  • Shelf life: 18 months
  • Short-dated stock is should be used within 3 months of purchase. After that time, it will begin to lose its strength.


    • 100 x 150mm: TNT 
    • 102 x 210mm: DHL
    • 69 x 25mm: Barcode labels

    Please check your printer’s size requirements carefully before ordering. All label rolls have a 40mm diameter core, except Dymo which have a 25mm core.


    *Note: While we undertake extensive testing of these products, including their ability to adhere to our own packaging materials, we are unable to test them on all materials under all conditions. If you have any concerns regarding their ability to stick and/or leave residue on materials, please purchase a sample or small quantity to test yourself before placing a larger order.

    Labels work on the following thermal printers;

    • Zebra (D and T models)
    • Sato
    • TSC DC2700
    • Barcode size works well on a Postek printer
    • DYMO LabelWriter 4XL and 5XL printers
      • (DYMO-compatible labels only)

    Our DYMO-compatible labels are not endorsed or approved by DYMO but have been developed and tested by us to work in DYMO LabelWriter 4XL and 5XL printers.


    The adhesive is carefully formulated to include a high percentage of renewable materials.

    The release liner is made of glassine and silicone coated high grade paper. Please contact us and we can direct you to a recycling scheme for these.


    Commercially Compostable EN13432


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