• 3 Designs
  • Great for protecting garments
  • Transparent enough to scan barcodes
  • 30um thick - not suitable for mailing
  • Made from 100% Ocean Bound Plastic pollution*
  • Recyclable with soft plastics 


  • Standard – no ventilation holes, suffocation warning in English only
  • Better Safe (than sorry) – has two ventilation holes on each side, resealable adhesive seals and suffocation warnings in 13 languages
  • Pillowcase Better Safe  has two ventilation holes on each side, no adhesive seals (the bag has an in-built fold closure to secure the products inside) and suffocation warnings in 13 languages. Only available in 350 x 400mm.


Imagine if your packaging actually cleaned up the environment and helped break the cycle of poverty and plastic pollution at the same time. These bags are proof it can be done!

We're working with coastal communities that are impacted by the compounding effects of pollution and poverty to remove plastic pollution from their beaches and riverways before it reaches the ocean. Then we recycle it into packaging. Traceable to source. No virgin plastic.


*Excluding seals, inks and colourant


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