How to order

Welcome to our B2B Ordering! 



 1. Please go to the URL:,and select China(中国) from shipping country selector.



For future purchasing you can bookmark this link. 



 2. Click the person icon located in the upper right corner to access the login page.



 3. On the account page, enter your account email and password and click on the ‘LOGIN’ button.



If you have forgotten your password, please click on ‘Forgot your password’ to reset it. 

如果您忘记了密码,请点击忘记密码(Forgot your password)进行重置。 


Note: Please check your spam or junk mail if you cannot find the password reset email in your inbox. 



 4. After logging in, select Shop->All products from the navigation to view your products.

成功登录后,请在菜单栏中选择Shop->All products (购物->所有商品 )查看您对应的商品。 


Note: If you don’t log in to your account, you will not be able to view the products associated with it. You can check if you have successfully logged in as step 2 (Click the person icon located in the upper right corner to access the login page). 



 5. To add items to your cart, select the quantity, size, design and colour, and then click on the ‘Add to cart button’.

添加商品到购物车,请选择商品尺寸,颜色,设计等,然后点击加入购物车按钮(Add to cart) 



 6. Once you have added the product, a pop-up cart will appear. From there, you can either edit your cart or proceed to checkout by clicking on the ‘Checkout’ button.




 7. When you reach the checkout page, enter the shipping address and click on the ‘Continue to shipping’ button.

进入结账页面后,请输入有效的收货地址然后点击继续结账按钮 (Continue to shipping)。 


Note: Please input your full name if you are not associated with a company. 

提示:如果您的收件人不是公司单位,请在如下图所示的文本框(Input your full name if you are not associated with a company)中输入您的个人全名 



If order is going to China or Hong Kong, please ensure the shipping address is in Chinese characters and the Chinese mobile number is in the correct format to avoid delays. 




 8. Select preferred payment method and complete the payment to finalize your order.



Note: If you want to pay in RMB, please choose ‘Nihao pay’. It will show the amount in US dollars, but the final settlement will be in RMB. 

提示:如果您需要人民币支付,请选择Nihao pay。进行支付时页面显示美金金额,但实际是以人民币支付。 




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