Compostable Packing Tape

This compostable tape is strong, transparent and made from plant-based materials.

  • Shelf life: 12 months
  • Certified Commercially Compostable
  • Price is per roll
  • Transparent
  • Sticky
  • Made from 90% renewable resources.


*Note: While we undertake extensive testing of these products, including their ability to adhere to our own packaging materials, we are unable to test them on all materials under all conditions. If you have any concerns regarding their ability to stick and/or leave residue on materials, please purchase a sample or small quantity to test yourself before placing a larger order.


Film is derived from plants and the adhesive is made from natural rubber.

  • EN 13432
  • ASTM D 6400-04
  • ISO 17088 (2012) 


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