ØPACK Envelopes

These lux, waterproof envelopes are made from recycled stone

  • Suitable for mailing
  • Waterproof
  • Anti-bacterial  and halogen-free
  • Able to write directly onto the envelope
  • Lux matt feel
  • Shelf life: Infinite if stored away from sunlight.


Close securely with an easy-peal seal on a fold-over flap.

We do extensive QA testing with our own labels and others, but can't guarantee that ALL labels will to stick to these envelopes

Accepted by all major courier companies including DHL, USPS, Australia Post, Sendle, Royal Mail, FedEx and many more.


Called a ØPACK because of the extremely low impact way they're made from limestone quarry waste and recycled resin. Using only renewable solar power, no water, acid or bleaches. All offcuts are even recycled back into more mailers.


Carbon Fund Carbon Neutral 


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